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Tabula Rasa
She was a blank slate in the womb whereupon sperm and egg met. She fertilized, did divide, embryonization, escaped eradication. Thrust into a world of theories, ideology, cults and theology. She had her father's eyes, but as she grew she began to look more like her grandmother. Short, stout, stubborn forehead and lips. Last generation Metis, watered down by her freckled n' cream mother.
A poet. Like her Nana, wrote of nature's words, her outer world as she scribbled onto blank pieces of paper. Thanks to God, praise of nature and its wonders. Wandered on the shore, waded in the water, waited for words from the Creator. Creator only spoke to her in forms of poetry from the rustle of dead leaves, foaming white caps, and the scrawl of ants on the bark of a tree.
A canvas of skin. Scars from various points of life most on or near her wrist. This one from New Year's Eve with a cat resting on her hand; the sound of crashing pots and shouts scared him and scarred her. The other hand displays o
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We were all born within a shanty-town
I’m not telling lies, but the world is.
The rich are just crushed glass stucco
On the side of houses that gleam in the light
But absent in the dark, yet the pain
Is still there when you brush your hand against it
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Once upon a meta-narrative
It was just you and me
Looking down at the world
I said I couldn’t stand
I just couldn’t plant my feet
On that substance
That held up everyone
But me
But I
Took a step ladder down
To little shops in a district
That lit up the night with neon
And searched for another
Person who might just see
What I saw everyday through
A slightly different pair of lenses
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Am I free
“Am I free?”
We ask ourselves in the dead of the night, as we wander
During this plight known as life, wondering if this is all real and if it is
“What the hell is wrong with me and how did I get this way?”
We’re constructed, compacted, wrought out by this system
That’s present in every society and culture, their mission
To break us down, grind us down to dust where upon collection
They mix with the substance they’ve been trying to spoon feed us
Every day of our lives.
Which we ended up choking on, heaving and hurling,
But a loophole was found, take what remains of our spirits, mix it with deceit
To create a fine paste where the message will stick and from there
Plaster on advertisement, propaganda, and lies
Walking billboards, living publicity, spreading the ways
Of how we should look, dress, act, and think.
And the real horror’s to think that the victims are at hand by their own kind
This isn’t just a war, its genocide
Cults of
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Two Sides of a Coin
I don't feel like a woman /I do feel like a woman
I don't feel like a man/I do feel like a man
I don't feel in between/I do feel in between
I don't want to change/I do want to change
I don't want to grow/I do want to grow
I don't want to stay/I do want to stay
I don't love what I am/I do love what I am
I don't love everything/I do love everything
I don't love enough/I do love enough
I don't know what to do/I do know what to do
I don't know how to speak/I do know how to speak
I don't know everything/I do know everything
I don't think on the spot/I do think on the spot
I don't think very deeply/I do think very deeply
I don't think crystal clear/I do think crystal clear
I don't wish to cry/I do wish to cry
I don't wish for this/I do wish for this
I don't wish to live/I do wish to live
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To Patroclus
O, my rider, in that moment did you have the faintest thought
That once out there on the battle field your doom was wrought?
Even clad in the armour of the man you held and loved dear
Did you think it could protect you as the wall of Troy drew near?
Why neglect the advice your dearest friend could give,
Was it Ate who did this, or did you give up your will to live?
"Turn back before Troy, do not drive them to their wall."
Yet you went forth and instead of armor, clothed yourself with a pall.
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And they did see me
Down the hall that seemed too narrow
To close to those who were also hurting
A different type of pain, but pain all the same.
Either way, the lack of comfort was apparent
From shifting eyes, quiet words, and shuffled steps
To harsh breaths, sweating, and misery.
Watched with lax expressions from where they rested
Some with sharp eyes aware of where they were
Or clouded, somewhere else but here.
I don't know which one was worse,
But either way they seemed to stare
Into my mind, into my heart
Knowing why I was there.
The tube spider could have been your average gentleman
But IV hookups and array of systems to keep him living
Masked who he really was
All I saw were the multiple make shift arms
Coming out of what seemed everywhere
And it terrified me to quicken my pace,
To clutch each parents hands.
My big sister was covered with a white blanket
To hide her broken body
Her long blond hair cropped to her skull
She couldn't talk, the tubes wouldn't permit it
Tears sli
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        Here we stand, our hands linked together forming a chain that stretches down the beach shore. We are waiting until the time is right and it feels like we have been waiting forever. The sun glares down on us without mercy, no cooling breeze comes to our aid. We wait, tired, thirsty, and hungry, but we do not dare move or break our hands.
Down the sky the sun shifts, the only way we know that time is passing and has not abandoned us. A ways away the water begins to shimmer, telling us that it is time. Together we close our eyes and wait once more.
        A sense of collective fear envelopes us as we stand there helpless. Each hand grips tighter onto the next in the anticipation of the moment, we all wonder who it will be this time. Finally, dread melts away and we open our eyes and look side to sid
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How to Write a Love Poem
How to Write a Love Poem
With a sweet sonnet that exalts
With honesty of how I love
My lovers red lips                                                                           
everything about you.
and goddess-like grace?                                                                 
 How it makes me shy
An Ode brilliant and true                                                                 
 to be seen with you
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The silence woke me up again.
Fourth time this week and twelve times total.
Outside my house the roads are always busy, sounds of cars, people, alarms and sirens.
Sounds of early morning birds that sing too early.
Sounds of people out too early or too late.
Either way it's always a racket and the racket is a cacophony and the cacophony is a melody and that melody is my lullaby.
No soothing voices for me, but the sound of the city.
So when it's quiet, real quiet, it makes me uneasy.
I wake up in the night or early morning and lay in bed staring at the ceiling.
I don't like it. Even the sound of my breathing doesn't help.
It feels like everything has been muffled, hushed up. Not even whispering.
There's no shadows lurking in the corners, only quiet and the quiet makes me restless. I can hear my thoughts really clearly, like staring through a pure clean glass and inside that glass there's something I don't like.
There's me.
Raw and barren.
Completely naked and breathing, thinking, tinkeri
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A Love Lullaby
Though bleak it may seem at first glance
Close your eyes and give it a chance    
I am right here beside you  
Ready to aide and guide you
All of it is overwhelming
And a little bit frightening
But worry not my dear friend
You know I am a good friend
Who will never forget that life
Is sometimes dark and full of strife
And that you may need me here
I swear to always be here
So that when you need me nearby
I will be there to share your cry
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Beating Heart
Beating heart, tell us your story
of clashing thoughts and mutiny
of battles fought, those won or lost
the pains, struggles, and the cost
for fighting bravely every day
living on despite what we say
that once broken can never heal
nevertheless begin to feel
the sincere touch of happiness
and a beating heart full of bliss
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Not Me
She's calling to me. Her voice masked in the harsh breeze.
Do I follow her? Walk the narrow path between the forest trees
With no source of light, wandering in the dark. "Yes, go forth."
She says and I listen. Who needs the light anyway? Not me.
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little bird
little bird
sang brightly
even in
two snips
and the soft
thump of wings
hit the floor
:iconsuperhyperjellybean:superHyperjellyBean 1 2
My fingers lace together
like stitches laced tight
praying to mend the wound
that I  have placed upon myself.
:iconsuperhyperjellybean:superHyperjellyBean 2 1
I'm scared of the ocean
Which is always too salty
Like tears
Dipped my feet in the other day
Saw there was nothing
To fear
:iconsuperhyperjellybean:superHyperjellyBean 1 9
This is my artwork, typed up by my hands and thought up by my mind.

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it's been what like years since i've posted anything hot doggity shit

damn i used to write a whole lot when i was on here
writing has kinda slowed down
i'm wondering if i should put anything i have created on here just to compare myself
see if i improved (i doubt it)


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Shit I don't know I enjoy writing a lot, but I haven't been keeping up with it or deviantart I sorta forgot about this place since I got a tumblr...
Uh, hopefully I can start writing some more.


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